Who we are

Founded in 2003, AVANCE originates upon the vision of engineer Ramses Cordoba, who perceived an entrepeneurial opportunity in providing services to the real estate and construction industries, all based upon a main business philosophy..”add value to everything we do”.

Today, we are proud of continuously achieving this higher purpose, accomplishing along the way a track record of excelence and credibility in each of the services we provide, and positioning AVANCE as the well-known company it is today.

Our main core is a team of experienced collaborators, including professionals of different disciplines, as well as administrative staff, all of which are fully committed to our organization and business philosophy.

With our remarkable growth and proven performance in all of the services we provide, we are proud to have become strategic partners of our clients, promoters of the professional growth of our collaborators, and well-known players in the development of the real estate and construction industries in Panama. For all of these and more, we are… your trusted choice!

Equipo gerencial

Engineer Ramsés Córdoba

Gerente General

Civil Engineering degree from Universidad Tecnologica de Panama in 1996, and MBA degree with emphasis in Finance from Universidad Latinoamericana de Ciencias y Tecnologia (Panama) in year 2000.

Before starting his entrepeneurial adventure, he accumulated a 10-year professional experience, including 2 years as Project Engineer at Pretensados Panama, S.A., a reputable  company in the panamenian construction industry, and 8 years as Project Engineer at the former Construction Division of the Panama Canal Commission, and later Construction Management Branch of the Panama Canal Authority. During this period, he succesfully participated in multiple construction projects, including civil construction, massive excavation, residential, commercial and industrial buildings as well as marine construction, through which he acquired valuable experience in construction management and inspection, experience which continues to add value through the participation of AVANCE in all kinds of construction projects.

In the valuation services practice, he is member of IVAPPAN, whose acronym stands for Panamenian Institute of Valuations, actual Candidate for the prestigious MAI Designation of the Appraisal Institute, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, and a certified Panamerican Appraiser, as issued by the Panamerican Union of Valuation Associations, of which the Appraisal Institute is member.

Through his professional as well as entrepeneurial career, he has participated in multiple kinds of appraisal assignments, as well as real estate consulting, construction consulting and expert witness assignments. Among these, worthy of mention are the consulting services provided by AVANCE to the Panamanian Ministry of Economy and Finances in 2012, with the purpose to determine the residual market value of the Colon Free Zone land parcels, as well as his succesful participation as expert witness representing the Panama Canal Authority in several multimillion arbitration disputes at the Chambers of Commerce and Construction of Panama.

Engineer Orlando Rodríguez

Manager – Valuation Team

Civil Engineer, graduated from Universidad Tecnologica de Panama in 2007. In 2009 he completed training in a Real Estate Appraising Programme dictated by IVAPPAN (Panamenian Institute of Valuations) through the Universidad Santa Maria La Antigua (Panama). Orlando is member of IVAPPAN and has participated in multiple courses and seminars related to the valuation field. He begins his professional career at AVANCE back in 2006, and since then, has accumulated valuable experience in all kinds of residential and commercial appraisals throughout Panama. He actually leads the Valuations Team at AVANCE. 

Engineer Librada Saavedra

Head of Financial Inspections Team

Civil Engineer, graduated from Universidad Tecnologica de Panama in 2007, where she is about to complete a Masters Degree in Construction Management.  Having already 2 years of experience in construction inspections, Librada joins the Construction Projects Team at AVANCE in 2008. After acquiring 4 years of in-house experience as field inspector, she was promoted to lead our Construction Financing Inspection Team, managing a portfolio of multiple projects, including residential, commercial, infrastructure, marine works and mixed use projects.  

Engineer Doris Robles

Manager – Projects Team

Civil Engineer, graduated from Universidad Tecnologica de Panama in 1996, trained in intensive Construction Management Programmes and Quality Control certifications such as the American Concrete Institute (ACI), and with extensive field experience in construction management and inspections of multiple types of projects, including residential as well as commercial buildings and civil construction.  Doris forms part of our team since 2008, since then leading our Construction Projects Team, which today is comprised of several professionals in civil engineering, architecture and construction related fields.

Engineer Rui Cedeño

Manager – Penonome Branch (Central Provinces and Beaches Area)

Civil Engineer, graduated from Universidad Tecnologica de Panama in 2009. His professional practice includes construction management and inspection, as well as real estate appraising.  In 2013 Rui assumed leadership of our operational branch at the Beaches area (West of Panama and Cocle provinces), and since July 2014 he manages of our branch located at Penonome, province of Cocle, from which we will cover our clients´needs in West Panama and central provinces.